5th Annual #RockExchange2022

Please use the form below to help us track the rock you shipped as well as the rock sent to you!

This form will expand as the Rock Exchange continues, and will need a few updates from time to time.

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What is the Rock Exchange?
By signing up, you are agreeing to send a cool rock from your collection to another randomly selected person on this list. In turn, another person will be randomly matched with you, and you'll get a rock in the mail from them! Your information will be kept private and only shared with the moderators of this Exchange and with the person matched to you (so that they can send you your rock).

Your giftee (the person you send a rock to) and your gifter (the person who sends you your rock) may not be the same person.



Regular sign ups: 15th October - 15th November, 2022
Matching: 15th - 21st November, 2022
Shipping (and receiving): 21st November - 15th December, 2022
Be prepared to ship / receive your rock through December.



DO include a note describing the sample, including what it is, where it came from, when you purchased or collected it, etc. Last year, we noticed that the stories behind the rocks, were just as exciting as the rocks themselves!

We recommend that you do not share extremely valuable samples. It will be difficult to match "value" from sample to sample (especially since some rocks are quite difficult to assess the value of), so please do not be disappointed if you feel that the rock you receive is "lesser" than the one you sent to someone else. We're all just doing this for fun, to see some cool rocks, to share our rocks, and to meet other rock hounds.

International shipping: We love the idea of rocks crossing international borders, but shipping internationally can be very expensive and will require the sender to fill out customs forms. As far as we know, shipping rocks between countries is not banned anywhere, however soil is often not allowed without special permission. Special considerations may be required if you choose to ship internationally, and you will be required to complete any required customs documentation. We are not the post office and cannot advise on this.

Re-gifting: In the event that some people do not receive a rock through the exchange, we will have a second round of matching. If you decided to be a re-gifter, you may be asked to send a second rock to someone you get matched to in the second round of matching. Hopefully we won't need this!

PLEASE DO NOT SHIP SOIL: For more information on shipping to or from specific countries, please consult the postal authority in the country in question. If you get matched internationally and have questions, we will do our best to help you get your rock to where it needs to be (or to re-match you to someone else if you decide you cannot ship to the person you are assigned).


A twitter handle is not required to participate. This exchange was started and is moderated by Kayla Iacovino (@kaylai), with help from Devayani Khare (@Geo_Sophist) and Kara Brugman (@karabrug). This year's exchange is run by Kayla Iacovino.

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If someone doesn't receive a rock, we have a second round of gifting to match them.
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