Welcome to Interruptrr Africa!

In this monthly newsletter, we’ll bring you a roundup of headline news from and throughout Africa. That will include politics, money, science, the environment, and even sports. Moreover, they’ll be from different voices – women.
But, wait – doesn’t that make this a woman’s focused publication? No. Women hold and are involved in a multitude of interests – from leadership to economics to science to foreign policy. Yet, we rarely hear from them. Or when we do, it often goes unnoticed.
So what? So this: when it comes to the increasing challenges of the 21st, it is imperative that we have all hands on deck, hearing from a variety of perspectives – not just the narrow one of a man’s.
We’re excited to bring you these different voices here in Interruptrr Africa. And please share pieces you come across in your journeys – and other thoughts you might have about what we’re doing.

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